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Date : 19 october 2005
Name : Nim Boit
E-mail : nimboit@blindmeadows.com
Subject : Lyrics of War Hippie?

I'm kinda surprised there's only one forum message every month. Well...
there's me, this stone and a big big glass house; I check in on this page
AT LEAST once a week, but I never been in the forum until now.

Does anyone have the lyrics to the Love Monster album? Especially the song
War Hippie! I wanna trick my electro-rock band (www.ganzer.tk) into making
a cover out of it.

Monster Magnet is the only rock n' roll band in world!
y rock n' roll band in world!

Date : 03 september 2005
Name : Scotty Ramone
E-mail : scotty@pogoagogo.com
Subject : Michael Wildwood
Can anybody tell me what the line up of Monster Magnet was when Michael Wildwood was playing drums in the band back in 2003. I'm trying to compile a D Generation Family Tree & this information would really help.

If you're interested you can check out the Family Tree so far by
following this link : www.pogoagogo.com/dgen_familytree.htm

Scotty Ramone

Date : 05 august 2005
Name : Henke
E-mail : blowback_@hotmail.com
Subject : Great
I dig monster magnet!

Date : 19 july 2005
Name : DesmoDromic
E-mail : avsarhan@zonnet.nl
Subject : New stuff, when? We need it!
Hey Dave,
When are you guys gonna compose another masterpiece like the Twin Earth
sone or the Powertrip album? It is time for a new album man, we need some real rock!

Date : 19 may 2005
Name : TheBonBon
E-mail : TheBonBon@web.de
Subject : hi @ all monster magnet fans...
best band ever.... best songs ever... best singer ever....
BEST SOUND EVER...!!!!!!!!!!!
Cool Page.

Date : 16 april 2005
Name : Annica
E-mail : ahvegan2@yahoo.com
Subject : ?
Hi! Moved from Gotenburg, Sweden to Melbourne ,Australia............... Im fading away if im not going to be able to see MM again! Are they comming here?
LOVE! Annica.

Date : 07 april 2005
Name : Barry
E-mail : barry1969@hotmail.com
Subject : Looking for early moster releases
Hi, does anyone know a good place to find the Evil 12" black vinyl with elephant bell and spine of god live? Can anyone recommend ny good web shops or does anyone know anyone willing to sell it? let me know cheers. Barry

Date : 08 february 2005
Name : another jon
E-mail : zensokyoku@earthlink.net
Subject : watch children
Hey Jon, i was a fan of The Watch Children i loved that band. What ever happened to the other members? are they doing music ? right on !

Date : 06 january 2005
Name : Monster sucking magnet from sweden
E-mail : axel_acke@hotmail.com
Subject : Monster magnet stuff
Do you know any shoping sight were you can buy posters and stuff ????
If you have msn then if you will we can chat, because i don't know any
Monster Magnet fans more than myself.
NICE pointing thing!

Date : 30 november 2004
Name : Mel
E-mail : mela313@mindless.com
Subject : For Phil
I'm not sure if the band reads these, but Im looking to say hello to Phil Caivano.  Not sure if you would remember me; I used to work for your sister a couple of years back.  I recently came across a pic of you and Alex,  coincidently the band was playing in SD where I now reside.  Unfortuneately one thing happened after another and I couldnt make it.  I would love to see you guys at one of your upcoming shows, so Ill shoot for that...

Date : 17 november 2004
Name : Spanky
E-mail : walletboy1@yahoo.com
Subject : Greetings from the Magnet H.I.M. tour!
Your site rocks! This is "Spank", guitar tech for Phil and Jim. The HIM/Auf der Maur tour is fucking awesome! Get your ass out and support the Magnet. We need you all!  For current tour pics and updates, check out my site at: www.sound1design.com
Rock Lives,

Date : 24 october 2004
Name : Piotr
E-mail : biuro@hightouch.pl
Subject : uncredible armchair!!!!
Id like to send you and members of MM pictures of steer horn armchair.It looks ancredible!!!!!!!!! Can you send me e mail?

Date : 05 october 2004
Name : Hugo Posh
E-mail : chroniccumking@yahoo.com
Subject : Magnet rocks!
I'm a huge Magnet fan.. and in this part of the bloody world... thats hard to come accross!! Seriously, i'd really like to watch these guys live! Prolly would never have the chance! Either way... they're awesome... The new Album is great as well. Is there any way to get in touch with the band??? Dave & crew... if u guys ever read this... you guys fucking rock! no 2 words about it... u guys are the best.... anyone who could help me out with more info thats a little closer to the band etc?? Would appreciate it! Cheers!
Hugo Posh - from Sri Lanka

Date : 25 september 2004
Name : Caroline Pikaar
E-mail : zwuftel@hetnet.nl
Subject : The Netherlands
I just want to say that I never heard of you untill "see you in hell". I heard it in my car, I was alone and I only could cry! It's the best thing ever made. I'm 36, female, married, two kids, two cars and  still rocking. Thank you for that feeling that you gave me. And yes, I'm sentimental and had too much wine but vthat doesn't matter.
Caroline Pikaar.

Date : 18 september 2004
Name : CousinIt
E-mail : manbitesdog@yahoo.com
Subject : Double bummer
Cleveland sucked guys, i drove 3 hours to get there. Instead of letting any old scab scream in the mike and native skanks dance on stage, PLEASE just jam. What a  waste of power. I believe Daves voice is a great entity and should not be tampered with. I would rather have listened to an hour of raging instrumental anger than see trailer trash antics like that. Dave go to a doctor, don't blow your voice and possibly your hearing, You guys rock and it's still better than working for the man.

Date : 13 september 2004
Name : 3ZEKIE7
E-mail : mixgiant@yahoo.com
Subject : Rock hand cursor
Hey, can u tell me how to get a rock hand cursor if u can i really appreciated it right peace out.

Date : 31 august 2004
Name : Olga Henry
E-mail : carolandolga@sbcglobal.net
Subject : Opening band for the Sept./Oct. tour
Dear Monster Magnet:
My son Michael Henry's band, "Bongzilla" is opening for your band on your Sept./Oct. tour.  He is a very talented drummer as well as singer, composer, etc.
He is very excited about being in your tour and is looking forward to being associated with you and your band members.
I'm 63 years old and I'm not familiar with your band and barely can understand your music but I do know that you are very popular in your medium.
I hope my son performs to your expectations and beyond.
A very proud Mama, Olga Henry

Date : 31 july 2004
Name : Linda
E-mail : Frantic_Marcella@hotmail.com
Subject : Explosion in Belgium
Hey Serge!
How are you? I heart that there was a big explosion in Belgium, when I putted on the tv this morning. And the first thing I did was thinking about you and your family, cause you live there and I'm very worried about you all. I hope you weren't there at that moment ore someone of your friends. So is everything ok Serge? I wanted to send you a mail but my computer is crashed and they are fixing him and I can't use him till wednesday, so I went to a friend just to send a message to you, cause it looked very horrible out there and I want to make sure you are all allright. But I couldn't go to the forum, so is there something wrong with it ore have you finally decided to throw that thing of the site? Hahaha.
I burn a candle for all of you !!!!

Date : 05 july 2004
Name : Contemporary Vagabond
E-mail : contemporaryvagabond@yahoo.com
Subject : Adulation
Music is the most perfect form of communication, if it's used correctly/properly; Monster Magnet is the ultimate rock group, in my humble opinion.  Wish I could write as well; though some of my lyrics may be very similar!  Well done and keep on rockin'!

Date : 19 june 2004
Name : Mally Avison
E-mail : Lesley287@ntlworld.com
Subject : Monsters at download
First band I saw at the download festival in the UK the monsters were kick ass brilliant, cant wait for them to come back.

Date : 18 june 2004
Name : momma
E-mail : wendi.geuens@pandora.be
Subject : MM Live Effenaar NL
Yesterday I went to see MM in Eindhoven and I had the best time! I managed to make it all the way to the front of the stage and you can say that for the following hour or so I got fully monstermagnetized! It felt like I was connected with the guys on stage, especially with Jim, so I just imagined that they were playing there only for me. And while my only intention was to take a plectrum back home to my son, I also got Dave's guitarbelt! So thanks guys, my son's only 8 months old, but now his rocking days can begin!!!!!!

Date : 17 june 2004
Name : Spacelord
E-mail : tom-atko@supanet.com
Subject : BOOTLEGS
Would anyone who has any Monster Magnet bootlegs e-mail me to set up a trade? I have a lot of bootlegs, some Monster Magnet and some different bands, most of them are A+ sound quality. I have a couple of PAL videos as well, including a 1st gen copy of the Monster Magnet show in Germany last month. I am interested mainly in video bootlegs but I will trade for any Monster Magnet boots. I also have a few very rare, out-of print monster magnet official stuff as well that i might trade for some good stuff.

Date : 30 march 2004
Name : Kid Blast
E-mail : Voicemedia@Compuserve.com
Subject : Set List - Munich Gig 26.03.04
Here's a set list from the MM Munich gig on March 26th (Songs not necessarily performed in this order):  Bummer, Powertrip, Spacelord, Tractor, Melt, Supercruel, Atomic Clock, Hotel Baby, Radiation Day, Monolithic, Megasonic
Teenage Warhead, The Right Stuff, Spine of God. I've been going to concerts for over 20 years and have seen the BEST, but this particular gig was so utterly AWESOME that I'd like to see them again as soon as possible. Anyone know whether the shows in Zuerich (April 4th) or Straßbourg (April 9th) are sold out? Anyone know about getting tickets for the venues.

Date : 27 march 2004
Name : Mark
E-mail : mark_wezelenburg@zonnet.nl
Subject : Addendum to Monster magnet discography
Nice page, to help the despareate collector. Therefore here's my little bit.
Dopes to infinity Australian release, with live bonus disc: cat: 5404842
Disk 1: Normal (Picture CD with different artwork)
Disc 2: Recorded at the rock, Tucson Arizona
- 1 Intro - 2 Snake dance - 3 Twin earth - 4 Nod scene - 5 Evil

Date : 20 march 2004
Name : o.e.tal
E-mail : thies.clausen@epost.de
Subject : Drumstick Monster Magnet, live @ Berlin 18.03.04!
Hi everyone,
Went to the Monster Magnet-concert at Berlin/Germany (great concert btw.) day before yesterday and they threw this drumstick at me! when after the show someone tried to steal it from me, i figured someone might be interested... Product: Vic Firth, American Class, Metal N, with heavy Monster Magnet-traces of use.
check out article# 3712621231 on www.ebay.de, starting offer Euro 9,99, there´s a photo as well

Date : 15 march 2004
Name : Hannah alis "pink pants girl"
E-mail : Hannahsbye@hotmail.com
Subject : Ed!!! I need to see you again...
Hey Ed and the rest of the group!
I still got the braislet you gave to me at rockefeller in Oslo, Norway. you are in my mind all of the time and i just need to see you again. Cant reach you at your nr befoure the tour is over in april.. but pleace give me a ring, 48204181 but nr in to norway first! alots of kisses to you all.. Hannah, with pink jense!!!

Date : 14 march 2004
Name : TeePeeSwine
E-mail : thomas.piehl@enkoping.mail.telia.com
Subject : Mother Misery
The new Mother Misery album is distributed by HOTSTUFF and you can order it at: www.hotstuff.se
By the way the consert in Stockholm was magic

Date : 13 march 2004
Name : Zoltar
E-mail : zoltar666@hotmail.com
Subject : Boots for trade!
Hell-o there...
I'm looking for soundboard-quality boot of MONSTER MAGNET. Ive got a massive list of boots to trade with artists like NEIL YOUNG (over 60 titles!), U2, KYUSS, SAINT-VITUS and stuffs. Get back in touch now!!!!

Date : 12 march 2004
Name : Shan
E-mail : mickminime@yahoo.com
Subject : Canadian Dates ???
It's nice to hear that the guys are travelling all over Europe but what about Canadian dates??? I really would love to see them in Vancouver soon how's about 04/20/04???? Damn that sure would be sweet.................

Date : 11 march 2004
Name : Spacelord
E-mail : tom-atko@supanet.com
Subject : bootlegs
Does anyone out there have the bootlegs called 'The most radical doubt is the father of cognition','Freak Shop U.S.A.', 'Songs of caligula', 'Obsessed', and the first ever monster magnet show, and I'm also looking for their ealy stuff, like demos. E-mail me if you can help, It dosen't matter if they're MP3 sourced, copied on mp3 disks or cdr's, i just want those bootlegs!! I'll trade, buy, or fileshare, ive got a few bootlegs if anyone want to trade or fileshare, I've got Bizzarefest '99 and a concert from 1993.
Thanks a lot.

Date : 08 march 2004
Name : tvblove
E-mail : thessa_4@hotmail.com
Subject : check tha mail ...
I sent you some pics, cant remember if I ever did before. Keep in touch with me and try to let me know of any US shows, Im dieing to see The Gods of Rock: Monster Magnet!!!!  I've been checking out all of the sites that offer sound pics. I had no Idea about the cd... stupid me, what kind of fan am I? an uninformed one... Well now I know that Rock isnt dead and Im not the only one still listening to superjudge and powertrip dreaming of the day that someone will knockoff Britney Spears!!! Oh yeah, what about The Darkness, pretty gutsey huh. Love 'em!!  Im going to the sold out show in ATLANTA, GA. april 8th. So important that Im canceling a gig.---thessa---

Date : 06 march 2004
Name : Showboat Captain
E-mail : thom804@hotmail.com
Subject : ROCK!!!!
Damn the magnet rock so much ass , i'm going to their next gig with modok tatooed on my back.

Date : 29 february 2004
Name : Kornilia
E-mail : loukritia_kornilia@hotmail.com
Subject : Great work dude!
Hey! You did a great job here! I've visited your site in the past also.
I have a question for you... I'm planning on taking some photos from the '04 gig in Athens, but I really don't know where to publish them. Would you be interested on adding them in your Pic's section? Can I send them to you and how? We have time of course. The show is for April 16... but I felt it's a nice idea...is it?
Keep on with all that great stuff!

Date : 24 january 2004
Name : Vince
E-mail :  monstermagnet@skynet.be
Subject : Vote MM's 'Unbroken' on n° 1
This is a message for all MM fans visiting this site!!!!
'Studio Brussel' is a radio station in Belgium playing music for the
"younger" people. They have a chart where people can vote for the songs
(mostly rock songs) they like. Depending on the quantity of votes, the song
gets higher in the chart. The song which received the most votes during the
week, will be the number 1 of the list. The station plays the chart every
Wednesday. My REQUEST now is that you all start immediately to vote MM's Unbroken up to n° 1 (they are at n° 26 for the moment, 30 songs in the chart) so that at the time of their gig in Brussels (29/02) they will be at n° 1. So, start
voting right now every week!!! Because MM deserves it. Follow those steps to
vote: website : www.stubru.be. Then go on the right side from the
webpage to 'Kies een programma' (= choose a radio program), click on 'De
Afrekening' (= the name of the radio program) and then go again on your
right side to 'Stem zelf! (= vote!). You will get to a page where you have
the opportunity to make your vote for 3 songs. In 'Keuze 1' (= choice 1) put
Monster Magnet in 'Artiest/groep' (= Artist/Band) and Unbroken in 'Titel' (=
Title). Make two other choices to complete and fill in your name & address
as every participant on the vote can win a CD, if your name is drawn from
the votes.
JUST DO IT!!! GET MM to n° 1!!!!!

Date : 13 january 2004
Name : John
E-mail : greyhate@mbox.lidnet.se
Subject : Rock on Forever......
A nice F..king site..
I am a big Monster fan and I am going to my first Magnet consert on the 10th of March here in Stockholm / Sweden,, I think they`re gonna make some heads explode..:-)
Keep up the good work and Rock on Forever.
Check out my bandsite at www.mothermisery.com

Date : 07 january 2004
Name : Jake
E-mail : jcalvo@eldorado-ca.com
Subject : I want your mouse cursor
Hey, I am an extreme monster magnet fan and have been since the beginning. Anything monster magnet, is what I enjoy and appreciate. One thing that caught my eye with your web site is your MOUSE CURSOR of the infamous ROCK HAND, Can you please let me know how I can obtain this infamous ROCK N ROLL HAND CURSOR for my DESKTOP, because I would really enjoy it.
Thank you and ROCK ON!
the J8kester in Southern California - See ya..

Date : 26 december 2003
Name : Priest
E-mail : priest@cbgb.net
Subject : Croatia
Is it tru that you are coming to Croatia?

Date : 20 december 2003
Name : Space Lord
E-mail : alain@thunderslave.com
Subject : Thanx for your fucking great site !!!
And Don't miss Monster Magnet european tour !

Date : 17 december 2003
Name : monsterjohnson
E-mail : jcorbett2772@comcast.net
Subject : Thanks
Ahhh... the mighty Serge.
Thanks so much for the complement. I did take a little web design in school, however... I was much better @ the design aspect than the Actual html coding etc... know what I mean?... Your site is laid out so cool anyway. Man anything you ever need...Serge Like I was telling Lord of Time & Space. I'm not real savy in the computer world. I know some software like Photoshop & Illustrater etc...

Like you saw in the Forum... I've gotten gigs for t-shirt design. Prong & Kid Rock.
Though I've submitted designs for Deep Purple, AC DC, The Rolling Stones, and West Coast Choppers series etc... Got turned down @ the last minute for those guys.

Reading your guestbook instructions I see that you might like some reviews of various Magnet shows.

I was @ the infamous Atlanta show on the Rob Zoimbie Tour. Magnet did only 3 songs... But spine of God was the 3rd one and man was it a killer. 25 min. version complete with fog, weird strobe lights and such. Strippers doin' each other, Dave doin' strippers, feedback etc... I've never seen anything like it... it was amazing. Simply Amazing.

You are so lucky to know those guys personally. Amazing artists @ work.
The Imagination... The Detication for such a show... Devil Horns Man.

BTW... I think I joined your Forum... Although an error messge came up @ the end.I'll try again later.

Date : 11 december 2003
Name : Ivar
E-mail : i.d.verploegh@zonnet.nl
Subject : Lyrics
I went through the lyrics of Superjudge on this site. I noticed some lyrics which I thought were not right. I then went to lyrics.com and read the lyrics of both websites side by side. In some cases their translation was better, and in some cases the Tribute version was much better. Perhaps the lyrics can be improved by looking what translations they came up with and perhaps asking Dave personally what he was singing ? To me knowing the proper lyrics is really important. Although the lyrics of Monster Magnet generally don't make sense, I like singing along now and then.

Date : 10 december 2003
Name : Wolf Schneider
E-mail : lonewolf@thehighwaystar.com
Subject : Older tourdates?
I'm trying to confirm some dates from the summer of 1998, but your tourdate history only goes back as far as December 1998. Any plans to expand your history further, or is there some other database you could recommend to me? Thanks muchly? ==wolf

Date : 09 december 2003
Name : Sphinx
E-mail : jdsphynx@hotmail.com
Subject : Gig
The Astoria gig was amazing, sat behind and spoke to master of lights Tim Cronin, going to see them again in feb.

Date : 07 december 2003
Name : LáKris
E-mail : lakris@esenet.dk
Subject : Greetings
Hey Guys
I'm glad to hear You'll be back in Denmark soon. (Sure is some time ago!) I'll be there and I'm lookin' forward to it, just like I'm lookin' forward to a new album from the worlds greatest li'l o'l rock'n'roll band.
See You then, best wishes

Date : 02 december 2003
Name : Vane
E-mail : vanesa_rondan@hotmail.com
Subject : Spain
I don't know how to talk English, but a dictionary help me !! (I'm spanish). My name is Vane and my question is : when is Spain in your Monster Magnet Tour, Festimad 2004 ? Thanks!!
SpaceLord in my soul ...

Date : 02 december 2003
Name : Sphinx
E-mail : jdsphynx@hotmail.com
Subject : London gig
Hey how many people are going to the London gig this sunday, it is gonna be so fucking amazing!

Date : 12 november 2003
Name : nathan85
E-mail : nathan_halperin@hotmail.com
Subject : Another Monster Magnet UK date!
Hey its nathan85 from monstermagnet.net. messageboard. Just informing yas that there's a new UK date next year!
Monster Magnet Rock City Nottingham Saturday 21/02/2004
it's also over-18's only, and about £16 I think. doors open 7:30pm.
This is a great site aswell. Nice one.

Date : 28 september 2003
Name : Len
E-mail : lenpaalvast@hotmail.com
Subject : This site rocks man!
Hello there, this site really rocks man. a great tribute to a great band. Bye, Len from Holland.

Date : 27 august 2003
Name : BooYaaBren
E-mail : booyaabren@hotmail.com
Subject : Monster Magnet UK date
7-Dec-2003, London, Astoria, UK

Date : 24 july 2003
Name : Smash
E-mail : bernd.buetec@freenet.de
Subject : NL-gig
The club-gig on 14.6.03 in Hardenberg/ NL was really fucking great!! Good to see the band again after a few years. The new guys made a good job, too. More,

Date : 22 july 2003
Name : The Swede
E-mail : ulla.0660.52172@telia.com
Subject : Album!
Does anyone know if Monster Magnet planning to release a new album
somtime in the future? If they are,, that would be great.. All their earlier albums are one of a kind stuff. Nothing can beat them.

Date : 11 july 2003
Name : Mr. Mojo
E-mail : mrmojo13@darksites.com
Subject : Help Please
Can anyone send me some info on these 2 cd's I have heard of. Northern Lights and Freak Shop USA. Are these bootlegs, where can I find them, ....  anything else would help. Thank you.

Date : 03 july 2003
Name : Osiris
E-mail : js70371@msn.com
Subject : This website...
Way to go man. Your Monster Magnet website is fucking wicked. By far the best I've seen to date. I love how the little hand is making the devil horns!! Cheers, and keep up the nice work. I'm into web design as well, and I have some ideas for sites like this one for other bands, namely Kyuss, Slo Burn, Unida and Hermanno because I am a MAJOR John Garcia freak. Email me and let me know what you think!!

Date : 28 june 2003
Name : Yeti
E-mail : YETI@freekcreak.fsnet.co.uk
Subject : Cool
Thanks for a fucking cool site. It's good to know there's still people who care about cool music.

Date : 24 june 2003
Name : Gustavo Soriano
E-mail : gusoriano@hotmail.com
Subject : Leapin' Lizards
Amigos hijos de la madre atómica, no puedo encontrar la letra de "Leapin' Lizards", how can I get it?
Gustavo Soriano
Córdoba, Argentina

Date : 27 may 2003
Name : Frank
E-mail : hanfkavalier@aol.com
Subject : badblackbeasty
My beastly bad black beast,
u know ... the BUMMER of Life has precious little to do with me
Take the POWERTRIP of LOVE  - now
yours  weed-gentleman

Date : 25 may 2003
Name : Marc
E-mail : marc@2-the-extreme.com
Subject : line-Up
So who's the new line-up? Are they permenant or just hands for hire? Give us the Low Down!

Date : 20 may 2003
Name : Rowe
E-mail : wild_rowe@hotmail.com
Subject : great site
Hi, I just want to say how much I enjoyed visiting this site. Monster Magnet rule!  I have trouble getting their older albums but I'm hoping to collect them all.

Date : 21 april 2003
Name : JR
E-mail : jrvending2@hotmail.com
Subject : Had to happen
There's so much being written about Joe and Jon being out of the
band. Some facts need to put in the open;  it's no wonder something
happened.  First they got dropped by A&M, the "we're free" tour was very
sparsely attended, they have no money, and Dave's lost in Hollywood
(hmmmm... is this the guy who came up with all those salient images in
Powertrip ?)  Dave's immensely talented but also seems like your grade A,
dyed-in-the-wool creative control freak musician dude.  Anyone who's played
in a band knows what's up and the relative success of Monster Magnet
probably fed on itself, and it became easier for Dave to be domineering.
I've got to believe there were people in the band who would have tried to
rein him in at various points.  For example, God Says No was a disorganized
mess. No, not because Dave tried to do something different, but because the
songwriting was just weak (Queen Of You, anyone ?).  All in all, it's too
bad, but no band can withstand that many pressures without something
happening. I just hope the remaining core of Monster Magnet as well as Jon
and Joe continue to keep making great music but ultimately it's sad
because all of the early MM alumni are out (Tim Cronin, John McBain, Joe
Calandara, Jon Kleiman).  It's sad looking at my Spine of God disc and
realizing that all of the musicians who created that are no longer with the

Date : 20 april 2003
Name : Lizard Johnny
E-mail : lizard.johnny@aon.at
Subject : Joe and Jon fired??????? noooooooooooo!!!!!!!
Fuck me man why did they kick them???? And who decided´it??
I can't believe my two favourite Magnets got fired.....
By the way great new design!

Date : 10 april 2003
Name : atomicstoner420
E-mail : kmfdmfreak4202002@yahoo.com
Subject : Monster Magnet at summerfest 2001
Hey, whats up? I saw monster magnet in milwaukee wisconsin at summerfest on july 3rd 2001. I am just wondering if there are any live recordings of that show. like a audio or video recording. I have seen some clips of the show pbgadget.com but i do not know if the webmaster has the entire show or not or if he would give it to me at all since he might think its bootlegging or something. If you all know where I can get this feel free to drop me al line, I do not care of the price of it at all. Thanks!

Date : 14 march 2003
Name : Brooks
E-mail : broucke.janssens@planetinternet.be
Subject : niks biesonders
t'ziet er mooi uit nie waar.

Date : 04 march 2003
Name : Star69
E-mail : metdudek@wp.pl
Subject : MM Rules!
Hi i come from poland (i think you know where it is) and i'm a very big fan of monster magnet :) i want to say that your i so fuckin great! thanx for the site. in poland is so hard to find mm cds like tab, monster magnet etc. i have only 4 albums but i'm very happy of that :) in poland mm in not well-known band - it's kind of underground band (but polish music market is so fucked up). i have only two questions - is mm popular in america and when new album will be released? do you know somethin about that? *69

Date : 11 december 2002
Name : Psycheweb
E-mail : psycheweb@libertysurf.fr
Subject : A French Fan
Here, in France, they have fans too ! ME !!!! I have all albums and i love that !!! Vive MONSTER MAGNET !!! My web page : powertrip.free.fr
Xavier, Paris.
Date : 02 december 2002
Name : Jorge De Sade
E-mail : balasopoulos@bigpond.com.au
Subject : What is Monster Magnet up to?
Hey Foxes & Hounds Im in a bit of a dillemma, I live downunder in OZ and im totally lost as to what is happening with the mighty MonsterMagnet, Ive heard they got no label and not much else. If anyone could kindly give me a tip as to whats up, new label? new album? anything!! I would much appreciate.
If anything hope to see this band again soon!!!!
Rockin in OZ!!!!
Date : 20 november 2002
Name : Underdoze
E-mail : thisiqislow@hotmail.com
Subject : A Tribute
I just want to thank Monster Magnet for the universe they have created around their music. Like a twisted fairytale on Acid. Try eating mushrooms with your best friends in the snowy mountains 3000 meters above sea level, listening to your favourite Magnet songs. flowing from the boombox ... I entered the fairytale with a little help. All friends and kingdom come, the big picture in 4 dimensions. For a while we were all King of Mars and I found myself in the temple of my own dreams ... I had the sun caged in. There is nothing like Monster Magnet when you're gone on mushrooms ... The tunes must have been invented fir this very purpose ... drifting away in the horizon. We got served by that mushroom boy and he was by our side the whole time ... and still is. Wheather we're trippin' or not. Thanks you, much respect and keep talking to planets. I know a few others who will ... once in a while!
Date : 23 august 2002
Name : Frederik
E-mail : ff@bredband.net
Subject : Monster Magnet records, Cd´s and singles
Were can I find rare Monster Magnet stuff, like singles and double albums?

Date : 20 august 2002
Name : Deaf Tommy
E-mail : deaf_tommy_henley@yahoo.com
Subject : Space Lord
On the album Powertrip, how long is the song Spacelord?

Date : 11 august 2002
Name : Andreas
E-mail : hrandreas@yahoo.com
Subject : Chicago (?) bootleg
I have a bootleg that's called "Double Door". I would be really happy if someone could tell me when this was recorded. It says May 11, 1999 - Chicago, IL on the cover, but I haven't found that date on any tour listing. Tracklist: Superjudge, Medicine, Nod Scene, Twin Earth, Dopes To Infinity, Temple Of Your Dreams, Cage Around The Sun, Crop Circle, Bummer, Powertrip, Kick Out The Jams

Date : 07 august 2002
Name : Evil Priest
E-mail : evilpriest@hotmail.com
Subject : monstermag ????
Just to say i am not lookin 4 a fight but i just think MM aren't that good, ive seen them support Metallica on the Garrage inc tour in Dublin (commin on stage to appocalyps now music was nice though) but after that it went down hill, forgive me as i dont know the names of the band but the lead vocals man came across as a total cock sucker (a tip look at bon scot that was a front man), the guitarsts can play but it just seems like waterd down cock rock stuff ya know.
sorry people

Date : 24 july 2002
Name : Jason X
E-mail : unraveled1@hotmail.com
Subject : OzzFest 2002
Last year I went to OzzFest, but I hear this year is going to be 50 times better. With all the bands there, no one is going to be disappointed. Even though Monster Magnet is not going to be representing, there are still a lot of smaller bands that can really rock!!! One of the bands that I am really stoked to see this year is MUSHROOMHEAD - they can really put on a kick ass show they are really cool about meeting the fans and signing shit for you - check out mushroomhead-music.com and see if you can check 'em out close to you!

Date : 05 july 2002
Name : Jere
E-mail : rockandrollrocco@hotmail.com
Subject : Monster Magnet Rules!
Hey! im a Monster Magnet fan from Buenos Aires,Argentina.I just want to say that i love MONSTER MAGNET! They rule,i hope someday i can see the band live,is there a chance that they come to South America someday? Or to Argentina? (i know that not right now cause we are living a shitty situation whit the country down here) well,thats all i have to say! Cheers from Buenos Aires!!!
p.s: This is a pretty cool site,i really liked.....
p.s2: If someone wanna write me feel free to do it!

Date : 03 july 2002
Name : Cosmiccock
E-mail : arthur_hag@hotmail.com
Subject : HardRock Cafe Toronto 2002
Alright, check this out...
I've got a bet going with a friend of mine, and we need (or actually he needs) some clarifications. HE asserts that at the most recent TORONTO gig, the magnet played the song CAGE AROUND THE SUN...I assert he's fuckin' bent and they never played it. Can someone here please set him straight. The loser has to pay for FU MANCHU tickets as well as receive a vigourous ass-flogging.

Date : 14 june 2002
Name : Morten
E-mail : Surfacedignition@hotmail.com
Subject : European tour dates 2002 /DENMARK???
Hey there spacelords, i wanna know if/when allmighty MM will play Europe, more precisely DENMARK???? Were fuckin' starving overhere man!!!
Monster Magnet did "Kick out the jams"!?...the MC5 song that is??? Is it out in europe, or do we get cheated overhere!!!???
Anyway, GREAT site this one!!!!!

Date : 13 may 2002
Name : ~Sweet Rose~
E-mail : sharonlee34@hotmail.com
Subject : Lyrics
I just want the lyrics to Space Lord motha motha,
thanks peace

Date : 29 april 2002
Name : GWB
E-mail : sales@roundsoundshaywardsheath.fsnet.co.uk
Subject : No real point at all
Hey, it's got to be said this is easly the best MM site I've ever seen, but your Album and Single sections probably to good, I never knew how much of the old shit and B-sides I don't have in my collection that I now have to own and whats with the japanese albums? extra tracks, live shit, did we lose a fucking war or something? I feel cheated,
Any way man, cheers on the superb site, later,

Date : 24 april 2002
Name : Brian & Stacey Orzell
E-mail : orzell@adelphi.edu
Subject : Contacting Tim Cronin
Hi tim,
Stacey & Brian Orzell from Long Island here. Stacey is with Real Time Audio Visual Services and I'm just a huge fan. We would like to speak to you about setting something up for the upcoming NYC area shows. Please reply to orzell@adelphi.edu.
Thanks, Rock On!

Date : 09 april 2002
Name : Lil' Devil
E-mail : lil.devil@aon.at
Subject : Monster Cult !
Yeah I'm a fan from Austria but I'm not sure which band is the best. THE CULT or MONSTER MAGNET? From both of them I have all albums and some singles. Lil' Devil is the second single of the Electric album from The Cult. However, if anyone has some cool stuff to trade with me, like t-shirts and singles please mail me!

Date : 02 april 2002
Name : Dean
E-mail : mansonfreak9@hotmail.com
Subject : Bootlegs!
hey everybody
does anyone have a great sounding monster magnet cd from the powertrip or god says no eras? A cd or a pro video would be great please drop me a line at my email if you would like to trade with me. i have marilyn manson, foo fighters, qotsa, rammstein, at the drive in, system of a down and many more.

Date : 24 february 2002
Name : Kaffeklub
E-mail : tom@sportspoint.dk
Subject : Looking for my man
Im looking for my man Interstellaroverdrive formerly known as Pharmachophelia. I lost track of you - please reply to my e-mail.

Date : 10 january 2002
Name : Past-Out
E-mail : zobman66@hotmail.com
Subject : Bootlegs on MP3 or boots on CDrs
I am lookin' for Monster Magnet rarities or live performances, B sides, Japanese Bonus Tracks etc... put on a Cd. Could be MP3 CD, it don't matter. I'll pay a few buchs for this, but please, if you are my saviour, don't exagerate the price!
Hope to hear from you soon.

Date : 10 december 2001
Name : Katastrophe Finlandia Vodka
E-mail : kolli_ainen@hotmail
Subject : Way to go Monster Magnet

Date : 26 november 2001
Name : Rabbe
E-mail : rockrabbe@hotmail.com
Subject : Love Monster
Hey! Anyone knows where to get a copy of the Love Monster cd ? Seems impossible here in Sweden...

Date : 17 november 2001
Name : Nik
E-mail : HHEY@excite.com
Subject : I need shirt
Would love to buy Dopes to Infinity concert t-shirt. If anyone has one email me Please.

Date : 01 november 2001
Name : Dagon
E-mail : erikjansa@yahoo.com
Subject : Lyric plea
I'm not surprised at all 'bout the bug in my eye...
Help me get it out?
Anyone sitting on the lyrics to Freak Shop USA & Lizard Johnny?
That'd do it.

Date : 01 november 2001
Name : Spatje
E-mail : jurgen.fiems@pandora.be
Subject : Trading Monster Magnet cd-r's
High there;
Anyone interested in trading MM cd-r's, have some really good shows ('92 etc.) Drop me a line, also have some other Monster Magnet stuff to trade!

Date : 11 october 2001
Name : MasterSlayer
E-mail : MasterSlayer18@hotmail.com
Subject : Need fuckin tab
I need the fucking basstab of Heads Explode!!!!!!
Please send it to me !!!!!

Date : 26 august 2001
Name : Cas~
E-mail : Casiopia_2000@yahoo.com
Subject : Midi File ?
Any1 know of a midi file of the song 'Heads Explode' in existance anywhere in this god-forsaken net?

Date : 16 july 2001
Name : Fox_Mulder_2000
E-mail : fox_mulder_2000@hotmail.com
Subject : Monster Magnet
This message is for the host of this website. I would like to know how you got your photo's taken with the band, because I am a tried-and-true Magnet fan and have been trying to do so in a purely non-psychotic fashion for quite a while now. The closest I got was at the Chamelion this year in Lancaster PA, but I didn't have enough to bribe my way into the bar while they were drinking. I am an editor for a small entertainment magazine and I use it to promote Magnet as often as possible, with album and show reviews, and would love the opportunity to buy Dave and Co. a round or two of beers and just see what comes out. Any suggestions, please respond here or to my email address. Thanks a lot. Praise be to the Bullgod.

Date : 11 july 2001
Name : Wendy
E-mail : WHarbel@montgomeryasset.com
Subject : Hello Ed Mundell
Hello! We've lost touch, but I am hoping you somehow get this message. We met at 9:30 show in DC in 1995 - Halloween show to be exact and we shot fireworks off in the alley. We hung out a few times. I drove up to your parents house and you came to see me in Hagerstown, MD. I left for Yellowstone for a year long adventure and we lost touch. I am in San Fran now and I noticed you are touring with The Cult so I just got a ticket. Can't wait to see you perform again and was hoping we could catch up.

Date : 04 july 2001
Name : Slipkid
E-mail : slipkid69@wi.rr.com
Subject : Setlist help
Need some help with a song title.The song starts off with the line "Face the Storm/Sun".Can't really make out what he is singing.Another line is "Swallows Me Whole". Below is the rest of the setlist if anyone needs it.
Monster Magnet-Milwaukee,Wi.-7/3/01
Intro / Atomic Clock / ??? Medicine / Powertrip /Heads Explode / Cry / My Little Friend / Melt / Crop Circle / Dinosaur Vacume / Baby Gotterdamerung / Bummer / Negasonic Teenage Warhead / Tractor / Spacelord

Date : 09 june 2001
Name : thalex69
E-mail : thalex69@hotmail.com
Subject : We desperately need Monster Magnet in Greece
Hello Monster Magnet fans!!!I am a fan of the best band ever myself!I am 18 yo and had the opportunity to watch MM in Athens with Metallica.However,I wish they would come this way again and this time not just as a support band.If anyone knows anything about the possibility MM came to Greece again please let me know.By the way,I'm having problems with the forum at the Official MM website, I cannot login. Sometimes there is an internal error and IE shuts down.If anyone has the same problem or knows what to do please mail me.Thanx for your time.
Alex 696969

Date : 07 june 2001
Name : Mat
E-mail : mathias.m9@lion.cc
Subject : Good music
My name is Mat. I write to you cause I must say that I like your music very much but I´m not the real MM fan the real fan is Lizard Johnny under me ,he has all your CD's what he know so send him a mail where he know when and where he could buy a new one. Good luck in future ...

Date : 06 june 2001
Name : Lizard Johnny(Still waitn' for a landslide!)
E-mail : lizard.johnny@aon.at
Subject : Hi freaks it's me again!
Sorry that I bomb your forum with messages, but there's a little problem to solve: some other fans were angry because I called Eminem and Limp Bizkit fuckers. Sorry about that! I was just angry because of my schoolmates who are fans of them. They are stupid because they make fun at me because I'm not a Limp Bizkit or Eminem fan. So sorry again and remember: BULLSHIT MAY LAST FOREVER, BUT MY FUES GET SHORTER EVERY DAY!

Date : 05 june 2001
Name : Lizard Johnny
E-mail : lizard.johnny@aon.at
Subject : Lizard Johnny's message
I'm a fourteen year old Monster Magnet fan and as you can see, Lizard Johnny is my favourite Magnet-song. Your site is the best Monster Magnet-fan site I know. But if I was you, I would place a vote-link that we're know what's the best song, the best album or maybe the best artist of MM is. I'm sure that everyone will like it. The fan "Lizard Johnny(waitn' for a landslide)" is my little cousin and wants to buy the MONSTER MAGNET S/T EP. I've got the same problem and I'll welcome every help to get it easily and cheap. I also want to get the Powertrip-video from anyone of you who doesn't need it anymore.

Date : 05 june 2001
Name : Hansi Klein
E-mail : mathias.m9@lion.cc
Subject : Ich bin ja noch so klein
Hy mein name is Hansi you can nennen mich Hans I write dir because I´m heute very glücklich and wollte euch mitteilen that your music sehr good ist.And at least lasse ich all Hansis of the welt grüßen.Monster Magnet yeah yeah I like your songs and deine E-guitar very much.

Date : 03 june 2001
Name : Lizard Johnny (waitn' for a landslide!)
E-mail : ody.mandrell@aon.at
Subject : The Austrian Magnet fan
Hi freaks!
I'm the only real Monster Magnet fan from AUSTRIA. So sorry me when I make some mistakes. I'm the only one in our whole school who knows and likes Monster Magnet. Everyone likes the fucker Eminem and Limp Bizkit, but I HATE those asses. I also don't like Papa Roach. The only cool band is Monster Magnet. I also like little Led Zeppelin and Oasis, but Magnet is better!!! My favourite songs from MM are Tractor(the early and the edited one), 3rd Eye Landslide, Dead Christmas and Spine Of God. I also like your site very much and i'm waitin' for the full biography which is already at work. I ordered all the albums of Monster Magnet at EMI-Austria, but they couldn't order the MONSTER MAGNET S/T EP. In Austria, Monster Magnet isn't so famous and I cannot find it in any shop. Could anyone tell me where I can buy or order it cheap?

Date : 29 may 2001
Name : Glorfindel
E-mail : bfg10k@poczta.onet.pl
Subject : Hey
Hi all MM fans! I'll be back here soon, cause for about a 2 weeks my MM fansite will be completed. Get ready for a really nice stuff! Hope to see lot of you on my site!

Date : 21 may 2001
Name : Zodiac
E-mail : zodiaclung@hotmail.com
Subject : Bootlegs
Hello fellow Monster Magnet heads,
Ok, I'm trying to get hold of any bootlegs. I don't mind if they're on CDR, just as long as the sound quality is good. I only have a couple of live shows so I need more of them and especially demo's. Let me know what you're willing to sell and I'm sure we can work something out. Serge, this site just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the great work, u da maaaaaan!

Date : 14 may 2001
Name : Crazed Fandango
E-mail : crazedfandango@hotmail
Subject : grrrrrrrrr
Ello fellow Monster Magnet fans
Serge, after browsing through your list of Cd that u own, i have become a very jealous man. You have 'No One Rides For Free' by Fu Manchu///noooooooooooo, i have been tryin' to get that for about 3 years in the Uk but with no luck. Tell me where i can get it....please!!!!!
thnx Crazed fandango

Date : 04 may 2001
Name : Sarah
E-mail : Napalm_xxx@combatsystems.net
Subject : Dave
You guys wanna hear something cool? when MM came here (Canada) a few years ago, i made out with Dave. he's a really nice guy and VERY talented (and i don't mean just on stage!). i'd love to see him again sometime ......

Date : 26 march 2001
Name : Spatje
E-mail : spatje_psy@yahoo.com
Subject : want to trade MONSTER stuff
Hello there,
I have a very cool MONSTER MAGNET poster of a Belgian gig, Date:11-05-93(Superjudge tour)The poster is purple with pink letters (Size:70/100cm) Also have a mint copy of the MURDER/TRACTOR 7" on Primo Scree. If this is you're thing, let me know and drop me a line and I'll let you know what it is I'm after! Note:I'm only interested in good condition stuff!
Cheers Spatje

Date : 23 march 2001
Name : Fatruffuss
E-mail : patp@dmxmusic.com
Subject : Praise
Smokin' site, you can tell you've done a lot of work and it shows. Just got GOD SAYS... yesterday fucking Dave and the boys came through once again. Got the full promo a couple of weeks ago but the final mix is titts. If ya'll are tired of the same cookie cutout bands you constanly hear on the radio this is the CD you can't get soon enough. Refreshing to hear a band that's BALLS OUT ROCK N'ROLL for a change. I mean there is C.O.C, Motorhead, Nashville Pussy & Monster and not much else of a selection as far as stripped down no friggin' gimmick in your gut music.

Date : 01 february 2001
Name : - Vince -
E-mail : vdeklerk@casema.net
Subject : Hey Serge
Man it's been way too fuckin' long since I have dropped by to check out the stuff you're runnin'. I see you uploaded a whole bunch of new pictures ....cool !! This page is still the best source to get all you need about the guys so keep it up ! I'm still pissed I missed you at the last gig at 013. I guess it will take years before we shake each others hand and drink a beer but damn MONSTER MAGNET ROCKED AGAIN !!!! I had the tricky feelin' those camera's would deliver us a live video but it seemed to be for Loladamusica and the subject was Dave, Dave and Dave (okay he is the man but I was a bit shocked when I only saw him on the tube) I hope you don't mind I bomb your forum with my words 'cause it seems you are not runnin' the guestbook anymore??.......Take care man and you better check out my C.O.C. page again 'cause it's growin' almost as fast as the little green plants which deliver us the sweet smoke.....take it easy!
- Vince -

Date : 31 january 2001
Name : Toing
E-mail : abdullahmoruk@hotmail.com
Subject : Please help me!!!
how old is dave wyndorf ? thx

Date : 26 january 2001
Name : Tony
E-mail : Bigpapalorenzo@hotmail.com
Subject : I swing around like God's own dick!!
I got only Something to say. I'm also a satanic drug thing and i make good musik too. So if you want a good concert you can mail me back or produce my album or send me to HELL!

Date : 24 january 2001
Name : Monster Magnet Freak
E-mail : MonsterMagnet@prodigy.net
Subject : Get rich quick $$$ Here's how ...
Are you looking to make some cold hard cash? If you are, you came to the right place! I am looking for these items by Monster Magnet, if you have them (originals only please, no CDR), then you may be on your way to riches! I am looking for:
Dopes To Infinity
2CD Limited Edition (the full length that came with the BONUS Live CD)
I Talk To Planets (MultiMedia CDRom)
2CD computer software with lots o'goodies
BBC Live
The BBC live recordings (I think there is only 4 songs). I'm looking for someone who has it NOT sourced from MP3. CDR would be o.k., as long as it's from a source besides MP3. DEMOS, see the above comment about MP3's...
Lastly, if you have ANY ORIGINAL (silver pressed) CD bootleg from Monster Magnet, please get in touch with me! You could be the next person on the T.V. show "The Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous"! Seriously, I'll make you a fair offer. I just need some Monster Magnet items to fill my collection. I hope to hear from some of you REAL SOON ! ! !

Date : 19 january 2001
Name : Arkane
E-mail : khans4@emirates.net.ae
Subject : Want the original version!!
where can i download the original version of spacelord mother fucker, all I get every where is the sapcelord mother mother fucked up version!! I NEED THE REAL SHIT!!
P.S: MONSTER MAGNET is the most kick ass band to piss on the face of this earth!!

Date : 16 januaru 2001
Name : C.J.
E-mail : cluley@cfl.rr.com
Subject : Cool site!
This is an awesome site, man!! Real good work on the graphics, the musical intro, the gorgeous pics. Love it!! I see that there are no tour dates yet for this year.. I assume they ARE coming.. after the release of the CD. When is that scheduled to be released? I will never get tired of playing their other CDs over and over again but I am READY for the new stuff. Also, are the shirts with the "Satanic Drug Thing" art still available? I think that is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Where can you get one, assuming they are available? Props to the Magnet!

Date : 14 january 2001
Name : Scorpion
E-mail : scorpion@silverfuture.de
Subject : God Says No
Your Site is very good. Nice graphics and current news. Some graphics I have stolen for my fanpage : monstermagnet.silverfuture.de. This Site is the best of all monster magnet fanpages besides the official website. Oh, the new album "God Says No" is one of the best, I think (cool Cover!). Do you know when Monster Magnet will come to germany again with the new tour "God Says No"?

Date : 08 january 2001
Name : Heavymetalmama
E-mail : heavymetalmodel@hotmail.com
Subject : 2001 tourdates
Excellent site! It makes me want to dance naked to the intoxicating sounds of Monster Magnet, while looking at any one of the amazing pics of sexy Dave W. Wow I'm very much blown away & off topic, if there is any info on Canadian/North America tour dates for "God Says No" in 2001, please email me, Thanks & this site has some of the best graphic design I have ever seen!

Date : 17 december 2000
Name : Astaroth
E-mail : astaroth@poland.com
Subject : I love M.M.
This is the best Monster Magnet site I've ever seen! Keep on doing it! Nice pics and stuff. Thanx for the tribute.

Date : 15 december 2000
Name : Tony Dutcher
E-mail : dutchboy84@hotmail.com
Subject : This website rocks!!
This is the best website I have ever seen! I have been to many different sites and I have NEVER seen one like this. From this website I found out about "God Says No" and it is being released in the U.S. on my birthday!
Thanks for the great website!

Date : 03 december 2000
Name : Morten
E-mail : morten.jensen@sol.dk
Subject : http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Loge/3671/
I have many MM CD-Rs with rare livestuff. Mail me with your list if you want to set up a trade!!

Date : 17 november 2000
Name : Vanessa
E-mail : mehlman_vanessa@yahoo.com
Subject : A Satanic Drugthing T-shirt
My husband had a t-shirt that was black with skull and crossbones and the phrase "It's Just A Satanic Drug Thing, You Wouldn't Understand." He has lost this favorite shirt of his. Does anyone know if it is still available to buy and where can I get it at? Any information that leads me to find it would make him one very happy person.

Date : 08 november 2000
Name : Doc Morbid
E-mail : dellb31@vaxa.cis.uwosh.edu
Subject : New Manson album
Hey, how's it goin? Just spreading the word about the new Marilyn Manson album, "Holy Wood," which is due out on Nov. 14th. That's next Tuesday! Check out http://www.marilynmanson.com/download/index.html to see the new video, Disposable Teens, if you're interested.

Date : 08 november 2000
Name : Phil Ebbit
E-mail : feck33@hotmail.com
Subject : Lyrics of new album and live vids of Monster magnet
I would like to get me hands on some monster magnet live videos. I only have a bootleg of one in Germany and I want MORE. Also know anyone who has the GOD SAYS NO lyrics on their website yet.

Date : 07 november 2000
Name : Alice
E-mail : brigo@bigfoot.com
Subject : Lyrics
I'm looking for the lyrics from the new MM album! If you got it....mail me!
Rock on.....

Date : 02 november 2000
Name : A L I A S
E-mail : aliasjan@gmx.net
Subject : Who wanted live and unreleased Monster Magnet stuff
I got it all, call me

Date : 17 september 2000
Name : Tassadar
E-mail : pokostas@aigio.hellasnet.gr
Subject : Waiting for the new Powertrip
Hello from the planet Aiur !!! I can ensure u that me and all the protoss at home are listening to Monster Magnet yeaaaah !!! So ... beware u f****** zergs the new Magnet album is coming to f*** your ears hahaha !!! Thats all folks im going to listen to Spine of God... And of course congratulations again for this site... no words to say this site really rulez !!!
Hail to all Monster Magnet Maniacs everywhere !

Date : 05 august 2000
Name : Jason
E-mail : jason@atomicpropaganda.cjb.net
Subject : Shameless self promotion
Everyone is asking for mp3's of b-sides and lyrics to songs, and most of that stuff is on my page: http://atomicpropaganda.cjb.net.
But i want some songs too: Unsolid, The Game, I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time, and....live shit. Thanks,

Date : 26 may 2000
Name : J. Bever
E-mail : bullgod@ysa.attmil.ne.jp
Subject : Into The Void
All I have to say is that Magnet's cover of "Into The Void" off the Nativity In Black II is so fucking sweet. I highly reccomend buying that album just for that song alone. There Dinosaurs In Vietnam!

Date : 06 april 2000
Name : Craig
E-mail : crb69@home.com
Subject : Ozzfest?????
Hey cats,
I heard the Magnet was playing this years Ozzfest tour. But the official site isn't listing them. Any info?

Date : 29 march 2000
Name : esagz
E-mail : esagz@uswest.net
Subject : 1990 Glitterhouse CD
I'm selling my copy of MM's S/T 1990 Glitterhouse CD on ebay (auction #295160205). The auction lasts for ten days (until 4/7).Check it out if you don't have this awesome disc in your collection yet.

Date : 24 march 2000
Name : Onionated
E-mail : Onionated@aol.com
Subject : The Magnet and Heavy Metal 2000
YO Everybody!
Don't know if this subject has come up at this site yet, but I saw a poster up at my fave record store for the Heavy Metal 2000 soundtrack. I saw my band, Monster Magnet listed there, along with Pantera, Puya, Coal Chamber and a lot of other very kick ass bands. The guy at the counter said it would be coming out April 18. I can't think of anything better than kickn' back and watching Heavy Metal II while the Magnet plays!!!

Date : 23 march 2000
Name : Javor
E-mail : jj_tanev@yahoo.com
Subject : Mail from Bulgaria
Hey, how you doing i guess. I'm a big Magnet fan from Varna-Bulgaria.I saw Magnet in Plovdiv on june 11th last year. I think that they are a great fuckin' band! I have many problems to find stuff about the band over here. So if you want to help me, please send me some things about them at jj_tanev@yahoo.com
THANKS and keep on rocking!!!

Date : 19 march 2000
Name : Damien
E-mail : damien@blandmedia.com.au
Subject : live MM bootlegs for sale
Hey folks,
i have 2 monster magnet bootlegs that i really don't listen to anymore. bought back when i was a diehard fan, now i am culling my collection and am looking to sell them. they are both pretty good recordings, one is called "songs of caligula" recorded in august '93 at the whiskey a go go released on an italian label. hawk records. the other one is called "freak shop usa" and was recorded in nimwegen (nl) 27.8.92 i am open to offers on these. i just want them to go to a good home.

Date : 19 march 2000
Name : Terje
E-mail : tekkmeister@hotmail.com
Subject : Wanna trade
Hi !
Anybody wanna trade videos ? Can play both PAL & NTSC, but can only make PAL tapes. email me for list of stuff I've got. Especially looking for early MonMag, but also stuff like Kyuss, Slo Burn, Unida, QOTSA, Fu, Nebula, Dozer, St. Vitus + LOTS more. Hope there's somebody out there who can help me...
-Terje, Norway

Date : 07 march 2000
Name : Goatlord68
E-mail : goatlord68@hotmail.com
Subject : Hell yeah!
Right on, man! This site is truly the mother box of all Magnet sites! Heads down to ya! Nice job on the scans, gotta get those ones with the hot sistas! All you beantown freaks just caught Leadfoot, Roadsaw and There in Boston, if'n you want a good time - check these dudes out. It'll keep yer fill until the mighty Magnet burns another one. PLUS Nebula is playing in Boston on 3/26 AND Fu Manchu on 3/28! Let us know how it is, 'cause this cat will be in the city of sin... Keep on keepin' on!

Date : 12 fabruary 2000
Name : Screamer
E-mail : derscreamer@gmx.de
Subject : MP3's needed
Hi Magnet-fans out there. Well I really love this homepage. It got all the information that I like - and a forum. So maybe you can help me. I try to get the rare Monster Magnet stuff (like b-sides and live tracks). But I can't find them in the net. Is there a cool (and maybe complete) MP3-site out there. I think there's so much stuff out there that I've never seen before and I WANT THAT STUFF! Is there any Monster-Magnet-MP3-God out there that might share his MP3s with me? Please mail me if there is a cool site or if you want to trade in Napster...
... open wide and say THEIR names ...

Date : 24 january 2000
Name : Gustavo Adolfo Delvasto
E-mail : euronimous@starmedia.com
Subject : Lyrics information
Hello dude, i'm a monster magnet fan from colombia i read your page and it was great. All those pictures and information are very cool.I just want a favor, if you can. And i'm begging you, as a true monster fan, that if you have the lyrics of the songs "medicine" and "snake's dance", will you give me the pleasure to have it,plesase send me a e-mail with the information. I will be entirelly grateful with you. Yhank you and congratulations.
signed: euronimous

Date : 04 january 2000
Name : Drifter
E-mail : Blackmastermind@hotmail.com
Subject : Access to songs
Like everyone else that posts a message I am a huge MM fan. My only problem is getting access to some of their songs....sure, I have all their full albums....was lucky enough to find a glitterhouse cd....but am unable to find anything else. My biggest problem is that all you MM fans seem to want to sell everything or trade, but frankly a person in my position has nothing to offer. Also I live in a small town and cannot order any of their imports. I realise this will piss off most MM fans but I am kinda choked that I have to buy 50 different CD singles in order to get songs not available on any album. Frankly I think this is bullshit. But hey, I guess that is life right...so I would like to know if anyone can tell me where I can download their hard to find songs. I am currently using Napster (great program) to find Mp3s, it is a bid trading post for songs!!! Anyway, just got the Black Celebration song and think it kicks ass......need more!!! If someone can help me out get in touch....Thanx...P.S. MM still rules!

Date : 30 november 1999
Name : Black
E-mail : black@kreator.zzn.com
Subject : Lyrics
Hail from Brunei,
I own the Monster Magnet single Space Lord, that's the only MM CD i have. It's so fucking good and i wish i could have all the other albums by Monster Magnet, i can't find them over here in Brunei. As a guitar player i would like to play Kick out the jams in the MM version, it's so hard. But it's a shame that i can't sing the song because i don't have the lyrics. So i beg anybody to help me to find those lyrics ...
Keep rockin' !

Date : 17 november 1999
Name : Xavier
E-mail : areski@ifrance.com
Subject : A French fan
I'm a French fan and i love Monster Magnet so much. They are Gods on this planet ! I don't appreciate that we haven't the singles in France, only one or two but not the real collection ! Can you help me to receive their singles in France ? You have my e-mail ! Please
PS : I have a site : http://www.ifrance.com/powertrip

Date : 14 november 1999
Name : Wally
E-mail : wwalley@hotmail.com
Subject : Live tapes, anyone?
Brothers and sisters and all heavy freaks! Are there any Magnet fans out there, interested in trading live tapes, videos, interviews etc.? Well i am !
I've got a list of about 30 live and interview tapes, but i can't get enough. Maybe you can relate to this? So if you're interested in trading, get in touch with me. Thanks for now, hope to hear from you out there (i'm from the Netherlands by the way)

Date : 14 november 1999
Name : Dr Jeep
E-mail : Dr.jeep@freeserve.co.uk
Subject : Hawkwind
It's all very nice but without Hawkwind we wouldn't be here today brothers and sisters. Hawkwind rulez, keep that in mind

Date : 06 september 1999
Name : Kostas 'Tassadar'
E-mail : pakostas@aigio.hellasnet.gr
Subject : Stay Heavy (Monster Magnet Forever !)
First of all hello from Greece!!! Yes im a big fan of M.M. and i will be one till the end of time... And of course i have no words to say about this site.... Its awesome!!!! Keep up the good work!!! Greetings to all MonsterMagnetManiacs everywhere... That's all... All friends and kingdome come!!! Bye.

Date : 01 september 1999
Name : Flight
E-mail : jack@bfg51.freeserve.co.uk
Subject : Got me hooked
I had never heard of Monster Magnet until I met my fella, and assumed that they would be a boring old thrash metal screaming, annoying band. To my pleasure, i found I love them, they have such a range of songs, that appeal to every mood I have, I'm hooked on Power Trip especially. Sorry I missed you at Birmingham, didn't realise you were playing.
From a newly converted girly

Date : 20 august 1999
Name : Mathieu
E-mail : math.trem@dr.cgocable.ca
Subject : Suggestion
Hi, i'm just writhing to tell you that i'm from Québec (Canada) and that i've never had the chance to see MM. My suggestion is that you should put up a "real" msg board for us, fans, to keep in touch and talk via the board with each Other.

Date : 17 august 1999
Name : Nick Taylor
E-mail : s245851@student.uq.edu.au
Subject : Mighty Monster Magnet (Live in Brisbane, Australia)
Message forwarded by Rachel and Judy from Hellmetal Radio, Brisbane
Dear ZZZ METALBABES (love your show),
And what a show Monster Magnet put on last Wednesday at the Arena! Dave Wyndorf is an awesome performer. Amidst a relatively tame crowd in comparison to large, raging moshpits it wasn't easy to let loose and wild. Self-consciousness is a bitch of an emotion, so like Fu Manchu it was a groove and head swirl rather than a bouncing rugby scrum. Monster Magnet's psychedelic rock necessitates moments of trippy tranquility but it would've been good if more people had got into it to form a larger, crazier moshpit. Anyway this shouldn't detract from what was still a brilliant concert with the punchy tracks like POWERTRIP and MEDICINE, the trippiness of NOD SCENE, the warp intro to DINOSAUR VACUME followed by its fast riff and groove, and the all-in favourites like BUMMER, NEGASONIC..., and DOPES TO INFINITY which is probably my favourite with its chorus continually creating deep emotions within. I'd be satisified with any song Monster Magnet play but some songs I'd still love to see live are Superjudge, Cyclops Revolution and Look To Your Orb For The Warning. The Monster Magnet experience is still swarming through my body and I can't wait to see them again and this time I'll totally let go. A request could be a for a certain band that deserves to perform in a "STADIUM".
p.s. I was very impressed with Rollerball. Great strong vocals and some of the intro riffs and leads to their songs were unbelievable.

Date : 10 august 1999
Name : Boaby
E-mail : robert@sandlanr.freeserve.co.uk
Subject : Big Day Out - Milton Keynes U.K.
Wow!! MM were THE only band to get a the crowd screaming for more and tearing there hair out for an encore except for Metallica of course. Dave had a bit of trouble setting fire to the stage but when it went up, boy did it burn!!!!!

Date : 23 july 1999
Name : Monstarr
E-mail : x_defect14@yahoo.com
Subject : RealVideo clips??
This page is so awesome!!! I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find some clips of any MM videos (specifically Power Trip, or whatever the lastest one is). Please email me if you do, thank you!

Date : 09 june 1999
Name : Rogg
E-mail : magnet@versilia.net
Subject : Monster Magnet in Milan, Italy (june 5th '99 / Gods of Metal fest.)
After a four year long wait, Monster Magnet finally came back to Italy. They only came once to Italy before in april 1995, on the "dopes to infinity" tour at the Rainbow club in Milan to play an amazing gig in front of a selected crowd of 300 stoners.

This time they had been added to the bill of the "Gods Of Metal Festival", and hard to understand for every Monster Magnet fan, they have been forced to play in the middle of the day (2.15 pm) with a burning sun hitting a few thousands people (the crowd reached 25.000 when the headliners, Metallica, started their gig.) and just after the Space Age Playboys (do you remember Corey Clarke and his Warrior Soul?) Space Age Playboys took advantage on people's patience and left the stage under tons of trash thrown from the crowd. They have been hit on stage by THOUSANDS of bottles, fruits and anything else. Probably there was a part of the crowd who really didn't like the way Corey was dressed (a little bit GLAMOUR!!). That's what happens when a metal festival shows 6 Heavy Metal bands and a couple of other bands who don't fit with the way Italian metalheads think how METAL should be (i guess many Italian metalheads really didn't like the way the Space Age Playboys were dressed and acted on stage ... anyway i think they weren't bad at all. Fuck you guys, if you don't like them go away or drink a beer ... come in peace or stay at home, that's my moto).

And Monster Magnet ? Great !! Sure, but ... I know my words could be misunderstood: i hope to see Monster Magnet perform again in a small club. That's the best way to fall into the black hole of their sound. Big metal festivals can be a good way to reach a bigger and different audience, but for a Monster Magnet fan it's easier to experience the good vibrations in a small club. So after 4 years of waiting, and mountains of patience the Italian fans, received their prize : 6 songs for only 35 fucking minutes !! It was like hit and run...

No way ... they had to leave the stage for the upcoming band : Overkill ! 'Cause you know, after all this was a metal festival. Starting from 11a.m. the set was as followed : a few italian bands, first of all CAPPANERA (they had a good response) then Space Age Playboys, Monster Magnet, Overkill, Biohazard, Mercyful Fate, Stratovarius (they were substitutes of DEATH and it seemed as a lot of people were there for them ... !!??) and Metallica.

Anyway after the Space Age Playboys ended their short gig the crowd suddenly stopped to throw stuff ... 'cause the majestic Tim Cronin introduced the highlight of the festival : Monster Magnet !!!

The Magnet started their gig with the classic TRACTOR in a very rough version, with Dave free to be a frontman and the "new" Monster Magnet Phil Caivano on the second guitar. Then they played POWERTRIP followed by a great version of one of my favorite Monster Magnet songs: NOD SCENE, then CROP CIRCLE, a must like NEGASONIC TEENAGE WARHEAD, and ended with SPACELORD. Unbelievable, ... but after only 35 minutes of ecstasy they left the stage ... Before we could even realize that the gig was over, the roadies were moving the wonderful Slingerland drums of John Kleiman into a corner. Shit man i've waited for 4 fucking years !!! I told Ed, Joe and Tim when i met them near the backstage area, we need more !! ... and they said they weren't satisfied too and promised to come back soon. So Tim, i will remember your words, I hope to see you guys tour Italy again soon ... HEADLINING !!
Rogg from Italy

Date : 02 june 1999
Name : Amie Mozart
E-mail : wet@ci.onet.pl
Subject : They looked at me !!
Hey! Yesterday I was at the Metallica concert in Warsaw, Poland and Mercyful Fate, Apocalyptica and Monster Magnet were the opening acts. Monster Magnet rocked!!!! I was about the only kid not dressed in black in the area, so I waved at Dave Wyndorf and he looked at me and did a funny face because I waved in a childlike way... He was great and called all polish people motherfuckers (I'm glad I'm not polish but Lithuanian)

Date : 23 april 1999
Name : C.J.
E-mail : cjsmith@mosquitonet.com
Subject : Saw them live
Hey, I just saw Monster Magnet live with Metallica last week (14 April '99) in Anchorage, Alaska. First time I saw either of them. I will never miss one of their shows from now on. Monster Magnet blew the power in the entire building on their second song !! After a few minutes they were up and rockin' again. Mind blowing power, volume, woman and an AWESOME show. I have to mention Metallica here. They were absolutely, 110 %, completely, wickedly awesome. I loved it !!!!!!!!
P.S. : Hey, I was wondering if you have any, or know were I can get them, any guitar tablature for Monster Magnet ? It seems to be a rare item on the net. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks in advance.

Date : 22 march 1999
Name : Mike
E-mail : katkorner@email.msn.com
Subject : MonMag on WAAF Beach Party
What's up? Not much here. Sorry it took me so long to write back, but I just got back from spring break. Did you hear that Hole is off the Manson tour? Now I WILL get to see Monster Magnet in Mass opening for Manson. I just called the arena today and they told me Monster Magnet is the only band opening. YEAH! Anyway, here's my review: Me and my three friends got to the Waaf Beach blast right after the doors opened. I was thinking my highlight of the night would be seeing M. Magnet, but before the opening band went on (Queens of the Stone Age- the new incarnation of Kyuss) we were standing behind the sound-board. My brother looked behind and said "those guys look familiar". Low and behold it was Joe C and Ed Mundell from Monster Magnet! They were just hanging out, drinking a beer, and nobody else recognized them. We walked over and started talking to them. They were the coolest guys! No ego or rock-star trip. I had way too many beers, so I can't remember everything they said, but they did say they were happy to be on the Manson tour, and off the Zombie tour. They also said they don't know what they have planned for the summer, but they did mention Ozzfest as a possibility. Anyway, as for their show, it was kick ass, as always. They went on second (Godsmack headlined-their from Boston so they were the hometown boys) and played just under an hour. I think I heard dave say their was some technical problems so they cut it short after "spacelord". They did have strippers come out, but they kept their clothes on.(too bad). Other than that they played all Powertrip tunes, except for "dinosaur vacuum" (which was my personal highlight) and "third alternative" off of dopes. It was a great performance, and I'm looking forward to seeing again next month.
P.S. : I'll give a review of that show also Keep Rockin'!!!!

Date : 22 march 1999
Name : Ben
E-mail : b.nokleby@sk.sympatico.ca
Subject : Tours
Does anyone know if they are coming across Canada after the european tour ?

Date : 17 march 1999
Name : Megan
E-mail : rdjones@plix.com
Subject : Monster Magnet - Spokane (28th february '99)
The show was awesome. David and the band were better live then on the CD. David was wearing his black leather pants, sweating, and getting his hair blown back. He is so awesome. They sounded SO good! I wanted to watch one of their next shows that played in Idaho but I couldn't afford to take the bus from Spokane to Boise and still afford a ticket to the show. I'd love to see them again but the tour is canceled. I'll just have to wait until next time, if I even can wait that long. They kick ass and Dave is a hottie! I had goosebumps the entire time. Write me about your concerts.
Take care! Luv Meg

Date : 6 february 1999
Name : Johanna Baltes
Subject : Philly show 2/13/99
This was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time,as long as I can remember. It was the last show of the tour and I'm so glad I found out in time to see the band in a smaller venue. It's a good feeling to see some real talent come out of Jersey again. The only disappointment was the sound tech did nothing for them. They had problems from the beginning and it really sounded bad. He destroyed Dave's voice, and really distorted the music. Despite that, they were great! I can't wait to see them again. Holland sounds like a great place.

Date : 27 january 1999
Name : Jay
E-mail : AmonSblood@aol.com
Subject : Serge!!
Serge man I just wanted to say first off you have the most kick ass MM site I have ever seen!  Plus you have more cool pics and little tid bits of info that I have ever seen ! Thats why I hope you take time to read this mail and mail me back. ok.....I am the most die hard MM fan you'll ever meet next to yourself! ha! I'm sure alot of people tell you that and I'm also sure that alot of people tell Dave and the rest of the band that, but they have had a real impact on my life.  I won't go into detail about that cause its nothing you want to hear I'm sure.  So anyway let me get to the point!  I collect every and anything that is put out by MM ! I have alot of rare bootleg stuff that is very charished in my music museum.  My question is...I need to find some of the cd's that are listed in your web page.  I thought I had everyone they ever released on CD until I visited your page!  Very cool!! but also very disappointed that I did not have every CD that was put out.  I have alot of tapes and vynal's that are in my art museum (well thats what it is) and the cd's that I have seen on your site need to be in my posession. I have shit like the Glitterhouse but there is one that I have never seen any one person posess. I don't mean I want to take them away from anyone or from a very deticated and respected fan that you are.  I just want to see if we can record, trade, or sell anything that will help us both out. I mean you have been with them and know them probably better than anyone, and I'm sure we can both benefit from this. But my point is, that I respect them and I treat there music and there avalible rare music material like GOLD!!!!!  I alway's tell people that lend me cd's "don't worry its in a safe museum"  and this stuff is man! I can't stress that enough. I need everything I can get my hands on! I need your help bro!!! please mail me back. I am very glad that you did. and I am also bummed that you didn't get that forum I first wrote to you, but oh well this mail is better....ha ha! I'm a 24 year old male from Michigan I love music and I play guitar please mail me back at either address... AmonSblood@aol.com or SpineOgod@aol.com
your good friend................Jay

Date : 31 december 1998
Name : Xavier
E-mail : xcaillaud@medef.fr
Subject : Question
I'm French, I live in Paris and i love Monster Magnet. They are mentioned on my Website. In fact I would like to know how i can purchase their early albums. The ones who have not been imported to France. Can you help me? Thanks for your reply.

Date : 30 december 1998
Name : Judy Jetson
E-mail : brobert@powerup.com.au
Subject : Talking 'bout a freeride ...
Hi there Magnet,
I've been checking out your site over the last 6 months or so, and I have to tell you, it's fantastic!! It just gets better & better!!! I'm a BIG BIG Monster Magnet fan, I have been totally devoted to them for about the last 5 years, and when they came out here to Australia in '96, I stowed away on tour with them!!! (I paid for my planefares etc, but the wonderful Mr Wyndorf made sure I had a Laminated pass for the whole tour, so I got into all the gigs for free and went backstage whenever I wanted!! (How cool is that?!) I was just wondering if you know when they might possibly be coming back out here? We're such a long way from either Europe or the states, and just seeing all these dates for them there makes me so jealous!!! I want my Monster Magnet back!! I'm just dying to see them again. I might have to go to the States to see them, I am planning to go there in October next year but that's too far off to know whether I'll be in the right place at the right time yet. If you see them soon, can you tell them that there are THOUSANDS of rabid Monster Magnet fans down here in Australia who are hanging to see them!? I just wanna see them again!!!! Again, congratulations on a super website thingy, if you want any photos of Monster Magnet when they were out here in '96, let me know what format you'd like them sent in, and I'll try and get them to you as soon as possible!! Long live the Kings of Stoner Rock (and I agree, be afraid you silly black metal fools!!)
Judy Jetson

Date : 17 december 1998
Name : Porcupine
E-mail : leonv@casema.net
Subject : Cool
Hey Serge,
Great story ... let's all sit back and ... envy you ... for a few months ...

Date : 26 november 1998
Name : Michael Bammes
E-mail : bammes@gmx.net
Subject : New Monster Magnet Video (Powertrip) + rarities and trade

Some days ago I saw the latest MM release on TV. The video is pretty cool like most of their clips. It includes also some scenes of the new Kurt Russel movie "Soldier".
POWERTRIP features Dave, Ed, Joe (who changed his funny hairstyle once more), Jon, Phil, some scantily dressed girls and is devided into three scenes.

Part I : In the first part the guys are standing in front of some big turbins. The whole place is dark and the band is playing black instruments and wearing a black outfit.
Part II : The second part is shot in some kind of a tunnel. A couple of girls are dancing around Dave and the other guys (similar to the Space Lord video). The camera is twisting in the white tube and the band is still dressed in black.
Part III :In the last scene they are all dressed in white and the whole location is coloured white too. The room is looking really bizarre. You can see a white piano (but no one plays it), a polar bear (not a real one, just a poster), a throne, flames in the background, dancing girls, some candlesticks and other items which don't seem to fit together. Dave is looking a bit like a white magician or the new "ice king" because of his strange outfit and the stick in his hand.

I am also looking for people who are willing to trade some rarities (Shows on video and some older CD-singles). Are there some Monster Magnet freaks in or around Germany, please write to bammes@gmx.net. Thanks and cu, Michael.

Date : 08 november 1998
Name : Marc Giant
E-mail : kalleme@xs4all.nl
Subject : "Face Down" promo single
Mr. Mark Giant calling from Amsterdam, Holland !
Let me know a.s.a.p. where the hell I can get my copie of the "Face Down" promo single. I just gotta have the "unsolid" tune ! Rock fuckin' hard !!!

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