Jim Baglino - Bass Guitar Phil Caivano - Rhythm Guitar Tim Cronin - Master Of Lights Ed Mundell - Lead Guitar Bob Pantella - Drums Dave Wyndorf - Vocals & Guitar


With special thanks to John McBain for taking the time to clear things up about "the rather confusing early years" through e-mail. 


Somewhere in the late 70s early 80s a couple of fine young men based in Red Bank NJ decided to start a punkrock band called Shrapnel. Amongst them were guitarist Danil Rey, who later on played with Handsome Nick Manitoba from The Dictators and Masters Of Reality for a while and  produced for The Ramones,  Hellacopters , Nomads and other various noise making
scum. Another member was guitarist Dave Vogt who later became soundman at the legendary Brighton Bar in Long Branch NJ and sadly past away just before Christmas 2000 at age 40. Shrapnel also featured Dan Clayton on drums, Phil Caivano on bass guitar, who later on fronted Blitzspeer and resurfaced as a guitarist in Monster Magnet in 1998 and a certain Dave Wyndorf on vocals, an individual who just before the demise of Shrapnel got abducted by aliens and never came back. Sure, some folks are trying to convince the world its the same Wyndorf who later on shocked the universe with albums like Spine Of God and Dopes To Infinity but theres absolutely no proof for that. Lets stick to the facts and assume that a modified Dave Wyndorf was dropped back on earth existing out of only his physical outside and a totally re-programmed inside. For a short while Shrapnel fucked things up at legendary New York clubs such as CBGBs , recorded a few indie singles and released a self titled EP on Elektra Records in 1984, which later on became a collectors item amongst fanatic Monster Magnet believers all over the world. Apparently Shrapnel demised somewhere around 1985 but up until today no ones sure if the alien abduction of their lead singer was the main reason. So far so good.

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