Final update : 09 september 2005  (updated Main Page &  News Section)

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09 september 2005 : Unfortunately this will be my very final update on this website. Like most regular visitors probably know by now i've been asked to design and maintain the official Monster Magnet website early 2004. A job, which naturally I accepted. I did my very best to keep both this tribute site, and the official one, alive. But as expected it didn't work out the way I would have liked it. There are a wide variety of reasons for this so i'll try to explain.

At first I thought running both sites wouldn't be a problem but over the last year and a half I've learned there is, indeed, a big difference in running a fan site and an official one. To put it simple, being the official webmaster means you get too involved to keep on running a fan site. You can't keep on posting every rumor you pick up when, at the same time, your running the official site of the same band. Doing an official band site means you're only allowed to post the things which have been officially confirmed ... posting rumors on the fan site therefore seemed quite odd. So in the end updates just never happen anymore 'cause all that has been said is already on the official site.

Another reason is that I simply got to busy over the years. I started this tribute back in 1997 and at the time it was the only one I did. Over the years I accepted more and more jobs next to my regular fulltime job so it got a bit out of hand. Probably because it's the first one I ever started, and the fact it's a tribute to my favorite band, it damn hurts to stop updating it ... but unfortunately it's the only solution left. I honestly thought about leaving the official site and keep on running this one at some point but like I said, I got too involved and don't want to leave the band without a webmaster once again.

That being said all that's left is to thank all visitors and contributors to this site. All fans I got to know over the years, some of which became really close friends. All current and ex-band members of Monster Magnet. My family and everyone else I might have forgotten.Thanks a bunch, keep in touch and see you around!
The "Tribute to Monster Magnet" website will stay online as an archive for future fans who might be intersted in what happened in the past and for everyone else who for some reason wants to come back here once in a while. Over the years I put way to much effort in it to delete it just like that. Whoever might be interested to take over this site and wants to do a serious effort to bring it back to life, please get in touch with me. I will gladly hand over all the designs I made and all the stuff  I gathered, thanks ! Serge



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